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Better Business Bureau Accredited

The DOGGIE WASHERETTE is a self- serve dog wash that features the vended Tru Blu K9000 Self-Serve Dog Wash. It is a facility established to meet the economically conscious and busy lifestyles of DC/MD/NOVA urban pet owners. With self-serve gas, self grocery check-out, and even vended DVD movie rentals, why not a vended self-serve dog wash? With the owner involved, less anxiety is experienced by your dog. Great for large breeds!

No appointment needed. We provide everything you need to care for your dog: apron, towels, toothbrush/toothpaste, ear wipes, nail clippers/files, cologne, etc. All for the low price of $20. An attendant is on duty to make sure everything is clean and orderly.

  • No tacked on fees – everything included in one price
  • State of the Art machines – First in MD/DC/NOVA
  • Tropiclean Products used
  • Doggie Treats Provided

Now offering FULL GROOMING SERVICES by Appointment. Ask for Ethel. Call 202-725-5403.

Welcome to Doggie Washerette

The Doggie Washerette's mission is to make washing your dog less of a chore for you. It is convenient, cost efficient, and some clients have even used the word "fun" to describe the experience. To the stress of dog washing at home, we say "NO MORE!"


  • Leaning over tubs
  • Stopped up plumbing
  • Cleaning up hair
  • Water hoses in the back yard

Why continue to fret? Bring your doggie to the DOGGIE WASHERETTE!

Cost: $20

New Hours of Operation

Beginning May 5, 2014 the Doggie Washerette will no longer be open on Mondays:

Self Service will accept it's last customers at 6:15 PM.

Tuesday - Friday: 11am-7pm

Saturday: 9am -7pm

Sunday: Closed

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